What is Ultra-low Sulfur Heating Oil

Ultra-low sulfur heating oil, also referred to as ULSHO, is a #2 heating oil fuel with substantially lowered sulfur content. Few may realize that heating oil has been transitioning to ULSHO as a way to lower maintenance, improve efficiency, and reduce pollution. ULSHO contains a maximum of 15 parts per million, which provides a clean and environmentally friendly fuel option. Many heating oil providers have made an effort to offer greener energy sources and this is just one example of Value Energy’s commitment to its customers.

Lower Maintenance
This reduction in sulfur has no effect on existing heating oil equipment or storage tanks. Actually, reducing the amount of sulfur prolongs the life of your heating system also resulting in lower maintenance costs.

Improve Efficiency
This cleaner burning fuel option provides an efficiency gain in both the product and in the heating system. Ultra-low sulfur heating oil burns clean giving you an increase in thermal output, and reduces any build up that ultimately increases heat efficiency.

Less Pollution
Burning ULSHO means reduced sulfur dioxide by 75%, particulate matter by 80%, nitrous oxide by 10% and carbon dioxide by 2%. We hear about the effects of air pollution, but do we really take a moment to think about how it effects the community we live in? It is important to utilize every opportunity to provide cleaner air for future generations and ULSHO gives us that power.