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B2 ULSHO (Heating Oil)

Heating Oil

B2 Ultra-Low Sulfur Heating Oil
We are proud to do our part to protect the environment and improve the energy efficiency of YOUR heating system with Ultra Bioheat Heating Oil. Our Ultra Bioheat Heating Oil is a blend of 2% Biodiesel and Ultra-Low Sulfur Heating Oil providing Ultra clean, Ultra efficient, and Ultra environmentally-friendly performance in your system. We do this at no EXTRA cost to you. Thanks for helping to do what’s right for our American workers, the American economy and our Environment.

Additive Mix Heating Oil (ADMIX)

B2 ULSHO Winter ADMIX – Designed to prevent gelling for those that have their fuel storage tanks outside. An economical and higher burning BTU per gallon alternative to kerosene. Unless the furnace manufacturer mandates the use of kerosene, Winter Admix is a cheaper alternative, providing more BTU’s for your money than kerosene. Call for details.


On Road Diesel
Also known as clear diesel, on road diesel is used in motorized vehicles on U.S. highways and roads.

Off Road Diesel
Off Road Diesel is also referred to as dyed diesel because it is typically dyed with a red color to differentiate it from on road diesel fuel. Off road diesel is primarily used to power equipment and vehicles that do not operate on U.S. highways or roads.


Value Energy offers 87 E10 and 91 No Ethanol gasolines for your home, farm, or commercial needs.

87 E10 Gasoline
E10 gasoline is a low-level blend of 10% ethanol and 90% unleaded gasoline that is sold in every state to meet air quality requirements and satisfy the Renewable Fuel Standard.

91 Premium No Ethanol Gasoline
Many prefer no ethanol gasoline to operate their equipment. We are proud to offer deliveries of 150 gallons or more

Heating Oil FAQs:

Ultra-Bioheat is a blend of ultra-low sulfur heating oil and biodiesel. This fuel option is affordable, clean-burning, and an excellent domestic choice for our homeowners or businesses. There is no need to modify your existing heating system to utilize Ultra-Bioheat. B2 Ultra-Bioheat is the best heating oil on the market and at Value Energy, we take pride in offering the best to our customers.

Ultra-low sulfur heating oil, also referred to as ULSHO, is a #2 heating oil fuel with substantially lowered sulfur content. Few may realize that heating oil has been transitioning to ULSHO as a way to lower maintenance, improve efficiency, and reduce pollution. ULSHO contains a maximum of 15 parts per million, which provides a clean and environmentally friendly fuel option. Many heating oil providers have made an effort to offer greener energy sources and this is just one example of Value Energy’s commitment to its customers.

Lower Maintenance
This reduction in sulfur has no effect on existing heating oil equipment or storage tanks. Actually, reducing the amount of sulfur prolongs the life of your heating system also resulting in lower maintenance costs.

Improve Efficiency
This cleaner burning fuel option provides an efficiency gain in both the product and in the heating system. Ultra-low sulfur heating oil burns clean giving you an increase in thermal output, and reduces any build up that ultimately increases heat efficiency.

Less Pollution
Burning ULSHO means reduced sulfur dioxide by 75%, particulate matter by 80%, nitrous oxide by 10% and carbon dioxide by 2%. We hear about the effects of air pollution, but do we really take a moment to think about how it effects the community we live in? It is important to utilize every opportunity to provide cleaner air for future generations and ULSHO gives us that power.

Not sure which fuel option is right for you?

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